Private Flex Yoga Training


Private training could be just what you need to round out your conditioning and propel your body and mind to the next level of fitness or competition. Focusing on alignment-based techniques, proper breathing mechanics, core strengthening, range of motion, agility, and mobility, Julie takes your individual needs into account and creates a method that works with you.

Julie not only trains with athletes, but business professionals, police and fire departments, children, and parents – no matter what their skill or activity level.

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Anthony, Chicago Police Officer and Strongman CrossFit Competitor, on Flex Yoga with Julie

“Having been involved in sports and lifting weights for years, I’ve found as I’m getting older, I need more ways to recover. Diet and rest have helped(which is hard because I’ve been a policeman for 25 years), but my mobility was still an issue. My mobility has always been limited and I never did anything for it.

After talking to Julie and taking her class, she addressed the specific issues that I had. My shoulders, hips, and knees were always stiff. She not only helped correct my form, but showed me specific stretches that I can perform everyday. After her class and her mobility suggestions, I always feel better. Julie is an excellent instructor that I would highly recommend. No matter your level, go see Julie.”