The Mental Benefits

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There is a natural anxiety that comes with training and competition, yet within your body lies an untapped tool that can help with the surge of adrenaline hormones. Deep, focused breathing is crucial to taking the choke out of game day. This natural approach to stress management allows the body and mind to refocus on goals, release tension, and launch into competition like a determined force of athleticism.

Examples of mental benefits:

– Help you focus on the task at hand

– A useful tool to help break through your choke zone

– The ability to turn your emotions off and let your body take over and perform

– Fine-tune a coping technique that is useful not only in training and competition, but everyday life

Recommended reading:

The mindful athleteIn 2013, a 5-week study with a collegiate basketball team reveals less stress and a boost in the “ability to purposefully pursue values, both on and off the court, that were in line with what kind of players and people the athletes wanted to be, rather than just reacting to external, often negative, pressures.”

One way to help veterans with PTSD? Lots of yoga.An Army Lt. Col. practices yoga as an alternative therapy to deal with stress and injury.