Flex Yoga For Athletes











It doesn’t matter what type of sport you play, the training you receive with Julie at Flex Yoga looks at you as an individual athlete. Whether you need better range of motion, agility, and increased body awareness or help during recovery after an injury, Julie takes rehabilitation and long-term strengthening into account, making sure your body is not only positioned for optimum success, your mind is focused during tough competition. Plus, you will find Julie works seamlessly with your main support teams. (Strength and conditioning, physical therapy, coaches, etc.)

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Sue, 2015 U.S. National Masters Weightlifting Champion Women, on Flex Yoga with Julie

“I love Julie’s yoga classes. I can’t describe how great I feel at the end of every class. Julie knows the workouts that Crossfit and Olympic lifting athletes go through and she tailors her classes to speed recovery.

Since I started yoga classes with Julie about 2 years ago, my hip and shoulder mobility has improved so much. I know how to breathe to make it through tough workouts and stressful situations. Yoga is an important part of my fitness and wellness routines and Julie is a great partner and teacher.”