About Julie Mackey

Julie Mackey, Certified Functional Strength Coach

I have been around the fitness world for as long as I can remember. As a young coach in the 1980’s, I realized that in order to have a greater chance at winning, one must create team chemistry for more than one player to be able to move their bodies skillfully and create minds that are so sharp for the intensity of the competition. Executing that is not always that easy.

What I realize is that there is a greater chance in having that happen if I cultivated player development in four categories.

1- Mental game

2- Mobility game

3- Strength/Speed game

4- Skill game (know your talent -position)

I was naturally drawn to #3 and #4 because that was what was main stream and what I had always been exposed to. But it was when I was introduced to yoga and focused on #1 and #2, I realized the mindfulness, the quieter part of the practice that deals with often strong emotions along with the increased proprioception, I became stronger. Of course, we can not neglect a discussion about the basics in performance such as nutrition, sleep and hydration are just as important.

I was learning to FLEX my Mind, FLEX my Muscle and FLEX my Might.

I created FLEX, a movement and mindfulness company to assist everyone and anyone in becoming a better, happier, and content version of them self every day. I empower my clients with self-discovery information tools, prevention tips and self-care techniques to manage aches and pains (both the physical and the mental types of pain).

I motivate my clients to actively participate in self-care, as I evaluate movement patterns and assess emotional intelligence with conscious coaching. My energetic nature inspires those who want to up-level their game of play and become knowledgeable in down regulating for whole recovery. I integrate movement and recovery techniques with corrective exercises through a yogic lens using Yoga Tune Up®, myofascial release therapy work called The Roll Model® Method, breathing bio-mechanics, Mind Based Stress Reduction techniques and mindfulness meditation programming.

I become a communication partner for performance enhancement, recovery and mental toughness. Ultimately, to eradicate pain, prepare and recovery effectively to perform at your highest potential.

I also teach anatomy, biomechanics and moving well. My clients include yoga studios, sports teams, student athletes, competitive and recreational athletes, academic administrations and corporations. I’ve helped hundreds of clients refine their movement and self-care.

I also produce educational workshops and trainings that attract yoga teachers, physical education teachers, fitness trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, massage therapists, healthcare providers and lovers of movement from all over the Midwest & beyond.