Mindset Preparation
& Meditation

My passion lies in the athlete who wants to make a stronger mind body connection.  The idea for coaching athletes with yoga, mindset and meditation training came out of my own mental obstacles as a young athlete because I felt there was a disconnect between body awareness and mental preparedness to achieve a high level of sports performance.   What I mean by that is sometimes no matter how much natural talent an athlete has, sometimes they cannot control their nerves or anxiety is too high to persevere through the pressures of the sport to perform well.  Other times you have an athlete who is ‘out of balance’ on or off their playing field, but they can re-create balance with mindset training.  Yoga along with mindset training and meditation brings a focal point to the obstacles the athlete desires to overcome.  I strive to help those who need to work through roadblocks because the Central Nervous System needs a ‘guided workout’ as much as your body does to stay healthy.  An athlete can only go as far as his/her mind can take them (or hold them back).  This training helps every athlete learn more about themselves and breakthrough to perform at their highest level.  

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There is a natural anxiety that comes with training and competition, yet within your body lies an untapped tool that can help with the surge of adrenaline hormones. Learning proper breathing bio-mechanics and guided visualizations is crucial to taking the choke out of game day. This natural approach to stress management allows the body and mind to refocus on goals, release tension, and launch into competition like a determined force of athleticism.

  • Help you focus on the task at hand – staying in the present moment

  • A useful tool to help break through your choke zone

  • The ability to turn your emotions off and let your body take over and perform

  • Fine-tune a coping technique that is useful not only in training and competition, but everyday life

  • Transition the body to down-regulate after fierce competition and/or travel