workshops & Events 2018

Need to work on overhead squat mechanics? This yoga mobility clinic will teach breathing bio-mechanics and corrective exercise modalities to improve range of motion for shoulder and squat mobility. 

The classes will take place, 3 Saturdays in May and 3 Saturdays in June

May 5-ending June 23, 2018 from 9-10am. (No Class on May 26 or June 2) at Hard Gainers Athletics in the Ackerman Sports Center, Glen Ellyn, IL This workshop will cover the application of yoga as complementary cross training activity for any overhead athlete.

Expect to learn:

overhead squat.jpg

• Discuss the importance of strength and conditioning as it relates to yoga

• How to perform and teach breathing bio-mechanics based on diaphragm and oblique engagement

• Yoga postures and corrective exercise modalities

• Relaxation and meditative/mindset preparation techniques that aid in quicker recovery

• Discover yoga as a tool for your own athletic endeavors or those you want to coach

Julie is an experienced registered yoga teacher RYT500, E-RYT200, with an emphasis on respiration, anatomy, physiology, and movement science. She is Level 2 certified in Functional Movement Systems, a Certified Functional Strength Coach and head Sports Mobility Coach for Hard Gainers Athletics for both competitive and recreational athletes. She has worked with many high school teams, collegiate and CrossFit athletes.  Her passion for competition and team rivalry is a driving force for blending movement science and yoga to enhance breathing bio-mechanics, alignment for body awareness purpose, and mindset preparation in every one of her clients. Her enthusiasm and energetic coaching style is perfect for the athlete looking to complement not compromise their current training program. Julie works with strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists and coaches to form a cohesive training regime.

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