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"Forget the yoga stigma. This is about optimal mobility and breaking through your choke zone."

— Julie Mackey


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Meet Julie Mackey

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Julie is a mind body coach, a yoga teacher, and an educator/presenter who coaches moving, breathing, feeling, and performing better.  Julie creates custom mobility programming specializing in sports performance for competitive and recreational athletes along with team training (pre, post, in season).

Julie realizes life can create imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns at any age, thus she utilizes Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screen that measures seven functional movements to aid in the best practices and programming for each client. She combines the ancient teachings of yoga technique with mindset preparation needed for fierce competition blending both science and research.  

Julie’s background in gymnastics and dance along with her passion for watching sports created her eye for working with clients to analyze movement patterns and inconsistencies.  
Julie is a Certified Functional Strength Coach rounding out her abilities to compliment any strength and conditioning program.  Julie’s clients include individual high school athletes aspiring to start at their position on their varsity team as well as those competing at the collegiate level and recreational adult athletes.  She works with high school and club sport teams utilizing specific mobility training to complement not compromise the sport’s repetitive movement.  

Julie also brings her work into the corporate setting determined to shape the competitive nature of humankind into a balanced playing field in the office.  Employers see the positive effects of providing movement and mindfulness helping create a well-rounded health and wellness environment for their workforce. Employers also see an improvement in morale and in employee productivity as they downward dog together or chair yoga in the boardroom.  

Julie enjoys volunteering for Glenbard High School District 87 school wellness events and leads a weekly yoga class for the student Yoga Club.  Julie doesn’t ask anything of her clients that she doesn’t practice herself.  Julie’s philosophy to ensure better performance for everyone (especially athletes) incorporates consistency, mobility with functional flexibility and strength as well as balance, breathing bio-mechanics and mindset preparation.  An athlete can only go as far as his/her mind can take them or hold them back.